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Annaprashan Puja in Bangalore

Annaprashan Puja

Annaprashan Puja, performed on the very special occasion of transiting a baby from consuming only liquid food to solid food or rice initiation, is known by different names in different states like Mukhebaat in West Bengal, Choroonu in Kerala, Bhaath Khulai in the Garhwal hills and Annaprashan in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. This puja should be started by professional Pandit Ji or Guru Ji, who have expertise in getting them performed in right way.

At North Indian Pandit Bangalore, you need not worry about it as our Pandit for Annaprashan Puja will reach your given address to start this Puja and suggest you the right dishes to prepare at home. They also do arrangement of Puja Samigri and reach your given address on time as per the schedule fixed by you. Feel free to contact us either by giving a call or sending a mail for Annaprashan Puja in Bangalore.