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Sangeetmay Sundarkand in Bangalore

Sangeetmay Sundarkand

Sunderkand narrates the journey of Lord Hanuman to Lanka which was the capital city of Ravana (King of Demons) to search for Devi Sita (wife of Lord Rama and who was abducted by Ravana). It starts with Jambvant who provoked and made Hanuman Ji aware of his powers. And thereafter Lord Hanuman ji got ready to set his journey to Lanka where he was not only able to find Devi Sita with his extraordinary power but also proved as to what can be achieved by dedication and faith to Lord Rama by virtue of which he was able to burn Srilanka and validate the powers of Lord Rama to Ravana. Lord Hanuman Ji has been blessed upon by kind-hearted Devi Sita as the bestower of all the Eight kinds of Siddhis and all the Nine kinds of Nidhis to human beings and hence worshipping him can make a person’s life full of Health, Wealth, Peace and Happiness. All kinds of fears vanish and a person is able to move forward in his life with full contentment and happiness.


  • For health, wealth and prosperity
  • For fulfillment of desires and work
  • for protection against dangers, losses and diseases
  • For riddance from negative energies and negative destiny