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Pitra Dosh Nivaran in Bangalore

Pitra Dosh Nivaran

If a person is born beneath the ninth house, where the Sun and Rahu conspire, it is possible that the person is suffering from Pitra Dosha – that may happen once the dead ancestors weren’t free from their ties on earth. It may also lead to lots of issue and hardship in life. Getting rid of this dosha is important and Pitra Dosh Nivarana Puja is the only source to get solutions.

There are a number of benefits you will get from Pitra Dosh Nivarana Puja like a sense of harmony – rebuilt in your life, increase send of tranquility, no negative effects of the dosha, get better financial stability, get rid of health issues. We at North Indian Pandit Bangalore conduct this Puja as per your schedule and according to your needs. Give us a call or send us a mail and our Pandit will be right to your doorstep to start this puja.