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Shiv Puja in Bangalore

Shiv Puja

Shiv Puja, conducted on every Monday, on Maha Shiv Ratri and in the holy month of Shravan, is one of the most vital type of Puja – completed with Rudrabhishek. Shiv Purana is also a part of Shiv Puja that is required to conducted once in your home to bring prosperity and happiness in life and to get Moksha for soul and rides it from trails of re-birth.

If you are looking for someone, who can get Shiva Puja done in Bangalore according to your traditions and rituals during the holy month of Shravan or on a Monday, you have come at the right place – North Indian Pandit Bangalore – a one stop reliable name in this domain fulfilling your desire for all types of pujas done in proper way. Give us a call or send us a mail to fix a schedule for Shiv Puja anywhere in Bangalore.